Applying for Car Title Loans With Brook Ridge Lender

We want you to know upfront that we have a super-fast application system. Granted, you’ll need to comply with a handful of loan requirements to be approved, but most people already have what it takes to get fast cash. Taking a few minutes to locate a couple documents and fill out an application in our system is fast and easy.

Checklist of Loan Requirements

• A Source of Money to Make Your Payments

We are not saying that you have to be working to get a loan, but we need to see some proof that you can afford to make timely payments. Fortunately, are guidelines concerning income are fairly relaxed. You can provide us with proof from a job, your retirement funds like Social Security benefits or even pension income.

We also approve a lot of folks who are receiving government benefits like disability benefits or unemployment. If you have any income at all, we can probably get you approved.

• Proof of Your Age

You will be asked to supply us with a state identification card or your driver’s license. We have to verify that you are 18, so you can sign a loan contract in the state of Florida.

• A Working Automobile

Car title loans in Florida are secured using the vehicle title to a working auto such as a motorcycle, car, truck or SUV. So approved borrowers for title loans Ocala must submit their car titles as security against the loan. Before submitting an application, we suggest that you locate your title to make sure everything is in order.

Vehicle titles have to be lien free in order to qualify for a loan. In addition, besides a lien free title, verify your title lists your name as the legal vehicle owner.

When & Where to Apply for Quick Cash

One of the best benefits about taking out title loans Ocala is that interested applicants decide when and where they wish to apply for loans. The process is so simple that there really is no need to make a loan appointment or take time off from work.

Pick the application process that provides the most convenience for your schedule and lifestyle. Application options include:

• Applying at an Ocala loan store in your neighborhood.

• Provide your contact and vehicle information to a loan representative over the phone.

• Fire up your computer at home or any other location and complete our simply online application.

Completing Title Loan Applications

You will only need about two minutes to fill in an application with the following data:

• The applicant’s name, home zip code and a number where we can speak with you about a loan.

• Information about the auto you will be offering for collateral, which will include the year of the vehicle, an odometer reading or a reasonable mileage estimate with the model, make and a body style.


Learning About Auto Title Loan Advantages for Consumers

• No credit qualifying. That’s right, finally a loan opportunity that doesn’t require the applicant to pass a credit check. You won’t have to be concerned about no current credit history, bankruptcies or a low credit score.

• Cash for borrowers within a day. Yep, with our fast processing, it’s possible for you to apply for a loan and drive away with your loan funds in 24 hours or even less time.

• No need to state the purpose for the loan. Frankly, some people would rather not disclose why they want a loan. Brook Ridge Lender won’t make you sign a statement about why you need loan funds.

• Our loan customers receive the highest possible loan amounts with the very best interest rates. Securing your loan with your car title provides you with an advantage compared to unsecured loans.

• Brook Ridge Lender makes it easy to stay in touch with us or conduct your business at a local loan store in or around Ocala. Whenever you need help of any kind, you can always stop in at a loan store or reach us by phone.


How the Short Title Loan Process Works


• Fill out a free application form to get the process started.

• Review your instant loan quote to decide if a loan will be a smart move for your financial scenario.

• Meet with a professional loan representative over the phone. We will provide you with information about how the process works and get you qualified for fast cash.

• Read through your contract that meets title loan regulations. Take note of the loan terms in the contract to make sure they match verbal agreements.

• Sign your contract, turn in your car title and collect your cash at the loan center store.

Title loans Ocala offered by Brook Ridge Lender are perfect for students, homemakers, self-employed folks, retirees or anyone in need of quick cash today.